How to apply?

This page outlines the enrolment process for international applicants (citizens of a country other than Poland). To understand your legal status when applying to study in Poland, consult legal sources or contact the nearest Polish Consulate. You may also contact the International Office at



All degree programmes are taught in Polish, with the exception of certain seminars and lectures as well some individual subjects that are taught in English. While some of our faculty speak English, it is necessary for students to have an intermediate knowledge of Polish to study and live in Katowice (B2 level equivalent).


Preparatory Course 

The Academy offers a preparatory course for students whose Polish language level is not sufficient to begin bachelor's or master’s degree studies. The Preparatory Course includes classes in Polish language and major studies (instrument or voice). The tuition fee is EUR ca. 6500 for one year. To apply for this course, please contact the International Office at


EU citizens

Citizens of the EU and candidates holding an appropriate legal status have the right to study in Poland for free provided they follow the same enrolment rules as Poles. Each year, those rules are published in a document called „Informator”, available here.


Non-EU citizens

The Academy welcomes applications from citizens of countries outside the EU. The process includes necessary documents (see below), an audition or video recording and payment of tuition fees. The Academy recognises that the admission process follows different schedules from universities and conservatories outside of the EU. Thus, we have developed procedures allowing for applicants to apply and audition conveniently. For frequently asked questions, see below:


  • How may I audition to the Academy?
    Please contact the International Office at to apply and audition. The Academy accepts recorded auditions if prospective students are unable to come to Katowice for a live audition.
  • What documents are required?
    Applicants must submit secondary school and/or university transcripts and diplomas translated into Polish. All transcripts and diplomas must be translated by a sworn translator and confirmed by a notary. Documents are considered official when certified by a sworn translator and stamped by a public notary.
  • How much is tuition? 
    Each year, the Administration calculates fees applicable to international students. Usually, one semester costs ca. 14200 PLN.
  • Are there any scholarhips? 
    The Academy is unable to offer financial aid to international students. The Academy provides necessary documentation when students apply for external funding. There are many public and private scholarships programmes worldwide.
  • If I do not receive scholarships, are there other options or payment plans available? 
    If you are admitted to the Academy but have financial concerns, contact your country's Ministry of Education to ask whether the Academy is or can be approved for government financial aid programs. If such funding requires academy documentation, contact the International Office to request it.

Should you need more information, please contact the International Office:


International Office

Tel. +48 32 7792354

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